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Rising internal thermal loads, the increasing demand for comfort, the global warming debate as well as the changes in consumer behaviour are reasons for increasing cooling requirements.

Baelz absorption chillers are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and flexible cooling systems. Two different models are available, named »Bee« and »Bumblebee« due to their colour. The capacity of the two systems ranges between approximately 50 and 160 kW.

The outstanding features of these systems are not only their compact and modern design and their dimensions permitting access through doorways, but the possibility to install them in both new and existing buildings. Their extremely fast reaction - from 25% to 100% performance in less than 10 minutes - and an efficient control system reduce operating and energy costs to a minimum.

Compared to electrically powered vapour-compression chillers, absorption chillers use thermal energy to provide cooling. Low driving temperatures of 55°C are sufficient to produce chilled water with temperatures down to 5°C.

Available heat, often excess heat from variable sources, such as district heating networks, CHP plants, waste incineration plants, solar power systems or even waste heat from industrial processes are suitable sources to provide economical cooling.

Using water as refrigerant and lithium bromide as solvent, absorption chillers manufactured by Baelz are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient alternative to conventional chillers.

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Model Bee 50kW Model Bumblebee 160kW
Model »Bee« (50kW) Model »Bumblebee« (160kW)


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