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Heilbronn, 2nd July 2009

Advertising campaign against pump inflation

For decades, Baelz has been of the opinion that pumps should be used only where technically required. This is expressed in the consistent research, further development and marketing of jet pump technology.

Now reports in the press are multiplying that complain about the high power consumption of centrifugal pumps and present certain improvements of this technology. In this respect, however, the controlled jet pump operated by the Baelz-hydrodynamic® process termed Jetomat® by Baelz remains unmentioned.

The jet pump only retains the flow energy of water ! This is achieved by a centrifugal pump as well - but in only type only. Everything else is done by the controlled jet pump - from hot water distribution in heating circuits to circulation inside the radiators, all of which is done without any power.

Other interesting fields of application have been implemented hundredfold in direct or indirect district heating connection stations or in the new Moduline® stations for fresh-water heating and heating water distribution, for example. Equally revolutionary and completely new; Hydropilot®, the house station for individual fresh-water heating and heating water distribution.

For this reason, Baelz is placing the campaign in regional and national daily papers so that a wider interested circle of planners and users get to know this technology. Production of the components, consultation in planning work, selection of the right jet pumps as well as the layout of the said and sales - everything from one source from Baelz.


Ten new VW Golf Variant BlueMotion for use by customer services

As a partner of industry and facility management supplying energy-saving technologies, W. Baelz & Sohn attaches great importance to high efficiency for its fleet of vehicles as well.

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