Processes » Steam condensation


Steam jet pump baelz 590 as a compressor:

In the steam nozzle (1), the potential energy (steam pressure P01) is converted into kinetic energy (speed). The steam quantity M01 is mixed with the motive quantity M03 at pressure P03 in the mixing tube (2) which is expanded in the diffuser (3) at mixing pressure P04. The quantity M04 produced is the sum of the steam quantity M01 and the motive quantity M03.

Production economy
In a plant at a Nestlé factory, the large condensate tank (15 sqm) which had been open for fifty years has been closed. The evaporated steam mixed with primary steam is used to heat the degasifier: Savings of approx. € 10,000 per year.

Steam condensation

Compression of intake steam by means of motive steam


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