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This jet pump with internal recirculation either as a pressure reducer - hot steam cooler or as saturated steam or wet steam generator - has the following advantages compared to the standard hot steam coolers on the market:

• They produce the saturated steam without any overheating; of course they can also generate hot steam or wet steam. The internal recirculation system permits this option.

•  Within the load range of 2 to 100 per cent, it has a high quality / precision of pressure and temperature control, provided the right water injection valve has been chosen.

• Very good spraying action of the water injected (completely desalinated water !).

Maximum load

The primary steam passes into the nozzle with a speed of 665 m/s. Then, it expands in the diffuser which results in a speed of approx. 300 m/s for the mixture of steam with water droplets.

In the nozzle, the cooling water is sprayed in droplets with a diameter of 0.75 mm. The steam decreases the drops to 0.04 mm, which means that a drop of 0.75 mm is divided into 6,592 droplets of 0.04 mm. Thus, the exchange surface for evaporation is increased by factor 19.

Minimum load

The process is similar. The steam passes through the almost closed nozzle at a speed of 665 m/s. For this load, the nozzles sprays drops of 1.3 mm and the steam turns the 1.3 mm drops into 206 droplets of 0.22 mm, thus an increase of the exchange surface is ensured which renders good evaporation even for such small load.





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