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With the control fittings baelz 585, flange variant DN 15 - 125, and baelz 586, sleeve variant DN 3/4" - 1 1/2", we offer a system component for the low-noise steam-water mixture in the performance range of 20 to 100 per cent. Basically, an ejector valve is used.

The steam passed through a nozzle draws in water / condensate through the third route of the fitting. In the fitting, the steam and water mixes so that heated water / condensate leaves the exit.

This process is applied in industry for direct heating of water baths, for hot water production in accumulators or for instantaneous heating; as well as in facility management as compact and inexpensive solution for an indirect steam-water exchange station by means of a plate heat exchanger with primary admixture regulation without circulation pump.

Steam-hot water


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