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Baelz offers a wide range of components up to complete systems for heat transfer media. If heat is to be transferred by means of water, steam, or hot oil, Baelz is the partner of industry, district heating, and domestic heat supply, being at command of customers since 1896.

Ever since, Baelz technologies are providing services for economic application of heat energy and helping to save resources of any origin by their constructive bond with physics, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, and electronics.

Thus, Baelz technologies integrate those scientific disciplines based on the fundamentals of nature. Leaded to practical value by manifold effort of human mind in best German tradition of engineering, they stand for harmony of nature and technique – “Natur und Technik in Harmonie”.

Natur und Technik in Harmonie
copper The material of copper has accompanied us through time: The master coppersmith Wilhelm Baelz founded the company in 1896, and at that time already helped to save energy in industrial plant engineering. Today, copper is still used in Baelz heat exchangers, such as in the district heating network in Paris. Four thousand plants with good condensate cooling and thus high energy savings according to the Baelz-thermodynamic® process have been used in this network. Or Modulo - the modular steam heat exchanger in copper exclusively: With unit advantages for flexibility and efficiency. nature Nature as an example: In a tree, the sap gets into the smallest ramifications of a leaf, in perfect hydraulics. In the same way, Baelz jet pumps Jetomat® ensure the distribution of heating water in dozens of heating circuits using one electric pump only. Thus saved: investment costs, and electricity and CO2 during operation.
electronics Baelz develops all components including the electronics and software in the Baelz controllers. They are used all over the world - from facility management in schools in southern Germany to industrial control circuits in textile machines in China. atmosphere This link of protection of the atmosphere and utilisation of engineering is typical in Baelz systems, ensuring the efficient flow of energy in the form of heat carriers, such as steam, hot water or thermal oil.


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