Components » Measurement technology


Measuring devices, such as sensors, pressure controllers or safety temperature limiters are the eyes and ears of a control system.

Baelz offers a wide range of measuring devices; advises customers in the choice and integration of the corresponding devices, and as a unique specialist company ensures the correct link to all measuring and controlling equipment.

Temperature sensor baelz 22-PT baelz 23-PT baelz 24-PT baelz 25-PT baelz 26-PT baelz 27/1-PT baelz 61-1 baelz 69/1 Thermostats baelz 231/2 baelz 239/2 baelz 239/3 Hygrostat baelz 561/1 baelz 562-fs Pressure sensors baelz 819 baelz 820 baelz 828-N baelz 831/2-fs baelz 834/1 baelz 834/2 baelz 835/5 Level electrode baelz 1782-4 baelz 1781-5 Float switch baelz 779 baelz 783 Flow switch baelz 773-1




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