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This is high-performance engineering in control valve construction: Electrically and pneumatically operated control valves for water, steam, thermal oil and other media - in DN 15 to DN 300.

In many respects, Baelz control valves are superior in design because the experience of decades of Baelz as a designer of thermodynamic systems has been included.

For this reason, Baelz can competently advise its customers in the selection and setup of valve housing and actuator for the respective application.

Two-Way Valves Family

  baelz 185-373-E07      baelz 340-BK-SS-373-P21-6-Fu-86
  baelz 356-MS-373-P21-6-Fo     baelz 360 EMC-373-E11

Three-Way Valves Family

  baelz 342-BK-SS-373-E07      baelz 342-BK-SS-373-P21-6-Fu-86
  baelz 347-BBK-SS-373-E40     baelz 354-373-E40




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