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On 1st July 1978, Helmut Baelz (1910–1994) set up the Baelz Foundation for Automatic Control Engineering at the University of Applied Science of Berlin in the Supply Engineering and Energy Technology field.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote the training of engineers at the universities of applied science of the Federal Lander of the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of practice-oriented control engineering specialising in supply engineering.

In the meantime, other universities of applied science have been integrated in the work of the Baelz Foundation so that a reliable network of all universities of applied science specialising in supply engineering has been created in Germany.

Every year, the foundation organises several days of seminar at one of the sponsored universities. Every other year, the Baelz Foundation organises a highly appreciated competition, for which outstanding theses can be submitted, which receive an award.

Today, Professor Dr. Uwe Baelz continues the work of his father in the Baelz Foundation.

Baelz Foundation

"In tenders, I never see a comparison of plant costs and operating costs. Plant costs are rendered more often, but the operating costs are neglected. The technology which achieves the same with less - as the Chinese say - requires more appreciation."
"I call upon the young people again and again, be it the apprentice, be it the qualified worker in practice and/or theory, you criticise. Learn to criticise, but if and when you criticise, please also present a better suggestion at the same time."


Excerpt from the speech held by the founder Helmut Baelz on occasion of the presentation of prizes by the Baelz Foundation on 16th January 1987.


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