Processes » Jet pump control


The basic idea of the jet pump technology is the utilisation of the differential pressure existing or to be generated occasionally in water distribution systems.

Jet pumps, i.e. a three-way valve and a circulation pump in conventional control systems, are used to keep the heating flow temperature constant or it is controlled as required by the outdoor temperature.

In addition, the water volume sent to the consumer (static heating, ventilation register, heat exchanger, et cetera) is adapted to the heat requirement.

The differential pressure required to get over the plant resistances is generated from the network pressure at the inlet of the jet pump.

The controllable jet pump is a control valve and a circulation pump in one.

Thus, no electric circulation pumps and non-return valves are required in the consumer circuits.

The differential pressure controller is saved as well.

The entire hydraulic system is arranged more clearly.

For more than thirty years we have been using controlled water jet pumps in house connection station, ventilation registers, heating distribution systems and in industry as well as for hot water preparation in facility management systems.

The water jet pump takes over the function of a control valve and a pump. It is one part of the control circuit. The sensible co-operation of the control circuit members permit perfect plant engineering with energy consumption as low as possible.


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