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Baelz offers a variety of processes and plants for water as heat carrier in district heating, localised heating and domestic heating circuits.

These are direct and indirect connection stations and heat exchanger stations as well as stations for service water heating.

Baelz offers solutions for energy saving from the revolutionary flat stations Hydropilot® to heat exchanger stations for hot water networks with 180° Celsius and 32 bar.

The energy-efficient operation of the plant is always the prime concern.

This is achieved by the use of the well-tried jet pumps Jetomat® operating according to the Baelz-hydrodynamic® process.

The controlled jet pump brings to bear its advantages to the full, be it the distribution of the heating water with one central circulation pump only or in combination with the plate heat exchangers.

Conventional plants without jet pumps can be supplied as well.

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Water-water Service water
Water – water Service water
Heating station Ventilation register
Heating station Ventilation register
House station  
House station  


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